Insurance Company Stonewalling You? 4 Steps To Take After A Car Accident


If you've been in a car accident, and you're getting nowhere with the other party's insurance company, it's time to take action. Insurance companies don't like to pay out after a car accident, especially when there's been considerable loss, such as high medical bills or loss of employment due to injuries. However, there are still ways for you to make the insurance company step up and take responsibility, even if they've refused to up to this point.

9 December 2018

Wet Roads And Car Accidents


There's no doubt about it – when road surfaces are wet it takes a lot longer to come to a stop. When it comes to wet roads, your chances of being involved in an accident increase. Brakes have to be applied early to avoid things like rear-end collisions, skids that cross lanes of traffic, and more. Read on to learn more about the dangers of driving on wet roads and how to take action if you have been the victim of a careless driver.

7 December 2018

Respondeat Superior And Personal Injuries


If you have been hurt at a business, you may be able to sue the owner of the company even if they were not directly involved with the accident. In legal terms, respondeat superior is a Latin term that translates to "let the master answer". This means that a business can be held responsible for the actions of its employees. Read on to learn more about this doctrine and how it applies to personal injury cases.

5 December 2018

What To Do When You Are Injured As A Passenger In A Car Accident


When car accidents take place, they will not only affect the drivers of the vehicles, but they can also affect anyone who is riding in these cars at the time of the collision. Those riding in a car during an accident are considered the passengers, and the passengers can seek compensation for their injuries. If you were a passenger during an accident, here are some tips to help you know what to do are when seeking compensation for the damages and injuries you incurred.

4 December 2018

Tips For Automobile Accidents Involving A Ride-Sharing Vehicle


If you were recently hit by a driver for a ride-sharing service such as Lyft or Uber, then you are likely wondering who exactly is responsible for paying for your damages. Is the rideshare company liable, or is the driver's own insurance going to be paying to make you whole again? In reality, this is a complicated question because it could end up being either one or both who are ultimately found to be liable.

3 December 2018

Can You Sue An Amusement Park When Injured On A Ride?


Who doesn't love visiting an amusement park? Between the carnival games and the rides, it's tough not to have a good time—that is, until you become injured. If you have been injured on a carnival ride, you are probably wondering whether you can hire a personal injury lawyer to sue the amusement park. Here are some factors that contribute to the answer. Did the amusement park fail to take measures to keep you safe?

30 November 2018

Charged With Assaulting A Referee? Here Are Some Defenses That You Can Claim


In the heat of a sporting event that you're coaching, it's easy to find yourself in an explosive argument with the referee. Ideally, nothing will escalate beyond words, but there are often cases of coaches and game officials getting into physical confrontations. If your argument with a referee went too far, the authorities may have been called — and it's possible that you could find yourself facing assault charges. While you're likely to feel embarrassed about bringing such negative attention to your team, getting the charges dropped can restore some dignity.

29 November 2018